2022 Photo by Christopher Sprowls:
Two guest speakers on stage present to the students attending the 2022 Montour Day of Light.


We Support Educators

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    Perpetual 1-on-1 educator supports, including professional development and consulting services, e.g. event planning, project management, budgeting, meeting facilitation, and strategic planning.

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    Maintaining a network of mission-aligned program partners.

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    Nurturing a community-of-sharing among “LIGHT Coordinator” educators, school districts, and program partners.

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    Fundraising to support our general operations and to directly support LIGHT Coordinators, LIGHT Centers, and LIGHT Programs.

2022 Photo by Christopher Sprowls:
An educator with the Maxo Vanka Murals speaks with a group of students on a LIGHT field trip.

To the general public, our activities take the form of in-school student programs, out-of-school programs, teacher trainings, alumni support, and financial support.

Learn more about our different activities:
Illustration Graphic: A LIGHT character stands behind and inside of a classroom window.
Illustration Graphic: A LIGHT character is stands outside and in front of a classroom window.
Illustration Graphic: A LIGHT character smiles and raises a clenched fist and wears a shirt that says be kind.
Illustration Graphic: A group of LIGHT characters (one holding a trans flag and making a peace sign) surround the words "Safe Schools" in front of a rainbow backdrop.
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