2023 Photo by Christopher Sprowls: 
A LIGHT coordinator teaches a student how to use the button-making machine.


We support educators with...

to become “LIGHT Coordinators” - official ambassadors of the LIGHT Education Initiative.

that center the Holocaust, genocide, and human rights violations (PA Act 70 of 2014).

to help students understand their rights and responsibilities as human beings, grounded in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

to increase students’ knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors surrounding humanitarianism and active citizenship.

and hands-on assistance from our team of acclaimed educators and artists.

of vetted, purposeful educational partners.

for in-school programs, after-school community events, and out-of-school field trips.

Illustration Graphic: A LIGHT character reads a book in a classroom.
Illustration Graphic: An open book in front of a blue color radial filled with sparkles.

We support school districts by...

to counter all forms of identity-based hate.

to promote the three principles of EIB -  Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging - for all students and staff.

by taking concrete and measurable steps toward the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s effort to create “safe schools.”

and professional development sessions in partnership with numerous partner organizations and institutions.

of individuals and organizations committed to humanitarianism and remembrance.

We support communities by...

school district efforts, programs, and opportunities throughout the broader community.

community leaders, local organizations, and small businesses to school district points-of-contact, i.e. LIGHT Coordinators, to improve multigenerational collaboration.

Illustration Graphic: A support heart in front of a colorful radial.
Illustration Graphic: Two LIGHT characters read something together.

We support partners with...

ready and willing to bring transformative and profound educational experiences to their students.

to help plan successful school and community educational programs.

of mission-aligned individuals, organizations, institutions, and foundations, all committed to the LIGHT philosophy of inspiring, preparing, and empowering the next generation of humanitarians.

for individuals with lived experiences to share their stories with others, e.g. survivors of genocide or human rights violations or victim’s family members.

to share best practices in school-based storytelling and healing-centered learning.

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